How much does it cost to transport a vehicle?

The cost of transporting an automobile depends on several factors:

  • The destination we ship to (from where to where, international or national transport, …)
  • What type of vehicle you want to be transported (we transport cars, vans, big vans, trucks, …) 

High, heavy and large vehicles are calculated by their measurements (length/width/height) and/or weight. For a quotation, contact us now!

Payment Methods

At III King, you have two possibilities for payment:

  1. The freight is paid at our office (prepaid). You can pay cash, by card or via bank transfer.
  2. You or your contact person pay(s) at the destination (collect) after the exportation of the freight.

Take note that not all destinations have a collect service, please contact us for more information.

How long does it take to transport a vehicle?

Please check our schedule to be up to date on vessels departures and arrivals.

May I pack personal effects in my vehicle?

According to the Antwerp chart of second hand vehicles, all cargo must be empty. The hood and back must be able to be opened by quay/port personnel for checking. 

What do I need to do to prepare my vehicle for transport?

Your vehicle has to be clean with no visible damage what so ever. 
The car should be presented for shipment with a minimum amount of fuel.

The vehicle should always be accompanied by their original car papers and the invoice.

Which countries do we serve?

We offer a weekly service to Cameroon (Douala), the Ivory Coast (Abidjan), Ecuador (Guayquil) and Paita (Peru) with an extremely short transit time. 

Nevertheless, we can offer competitive rates from Europe to: Casablanca, Nouakchott, Dakar, Banjul, Conakry, Freetown, Monrovia, Tema, Takoradi, Lomé, Cotonou, Lagos, Bata, Malabo, Libreville, Pointe Noire, Dar Es Salaam, Jeddah, Dubai

and many others!

Where do we have our own agents?

On the agency section of our website, you can find out more about our agents at each served port. 

Eolis represents us in Abidjan and in Cameroun. 

Do we only ship cars?

No we don't! We ship cars, project cargo, containers, consolidated cargo, palletized cargo. We have our own loading docks in Brussels and can assist with all size projects!

Do we only do maritime transport?

Besides maritime transport, we also offer road transport, airfreight and cargo consolidation. For very urgent transport, we use airfreight and work together with various reliable airfreight companies.

What means roll on roll off transport?

RORO ships are vessels designed to carry cargo on wheels, such as cars, trucks, semi-trailer trucks, trailers, and railroad cars, that are driven on and off the ship on their own wheels or by using a platform vehicle.